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One From Many Album

Our L'Chaim CD is actually layered with over 5100 images of people, places & things of our lives.

Many people have taken part in what was known as "Picture Day" to have their photo on the cover. These are the many photos sewing together the fabric of lives.

You can view these images in high resolution and maybe even discover yourself. Go ahead and renew your Butterfly Day!

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Our long awaited album L'Chaim - To Life! will dazzle the listener with a vibrant experience starting from the point of birth and chronologically moving through the experiences of life from childhood to adulthood, weddings to friendship & more.


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L'Chaim - To Life! Will take the listener on a vibrant experience of life's journey; A storyboard through song.

Starting from the point of birth and chronologically moving through the experiences of life from childhood to adulthood, with songs about becoming of age, being single, life's trials, friendship, weddings, parenting, salvation, wisdom, and closing with life's completion. This is a concept album, a collection of chronological songs that range from moving the listener with catchy rhythms and large arrangements to bringing peace to the heart & soul with simple intimate duets - a conversation with a best friend, or spouse, a conversation with God.

Mark & Marni would like to thank our listeners for their patience for this body of work.


Echad's latest CD, "L'Chaim - To Life" will be available late Fall 2011.

This is an album about life. From when we come into this world, through the different stages of life like growing up, falling in love, going through trials, to the end of our days. It has a clear spiritual aspect to it. We gave it the Hebrew name L'Chaim which means "To Life" and we chose the monarch butterfly on the cover as a symbol of life. The monarch only lives 6-8 weeks...a representation of how short life really is.  Everyone will connect with at least one song.

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View our mosaic album cover and discover our friends, family, and maybe even yourself.

Our L'Chaim album cover is detailed with over 5100 images that can't be seen when just looking at the cover. However, when zoomed in, thousands of pictures appear showing our fans, friends, & families. Go ahead & check it out, it's cool. View Mosaic Here.